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Preloved homes and country side living

In Home&Found festival you will visit available homes, and Raasepori villages during June 10–12. You will experience real country side. And you might find your dream home! Be aware, your life might be to change!

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We will publish approximately fifty homes in Home&Found, most one week before the event.


Homes and country side living

Create yourself a festival that looks like you – and leave time for just taking in the scenery.

For sale, for rent, and for just preliminary show for future sale, the homes are open during the weekend. In Raasepori there are homes from last century country estates to 1950's architecture to contemporary little flats, all close to nature. All the homes, their visiting times, and contact details will be published one week before the event.


Raasepori villages and centers offer special program during the weekend: trips, nature walks, open doors, meetings with locals, culture, food, drink and unique experiences. You get to try out living in Raasepori.

Billnäs Fair
In old Billnäs surroundings there is a charming fair, both indoors and outdoors, offering local vintage treasures, and local products and services from renovation to indoor decoration to municipal services.

Transportation within ant to Raasepori

In addition to your own car, you can also enjoy the festival by using public transportation. We will create a transportation guide for the visitors well before the event.

Free entry
The event is free! Some of the programs may cost. This will be announced in the program info.

A treasure between Helsinki and Turku


  • Chic Tammisaari, lively Karjaa and Fiskars of artists and designers are already well known, but there are still new discoveries to be made, such as maritime Bromarv, Mustio closest to Helsinki, or welcoming Pohja. Or historical Tenhola or Snappertuna with its old castle.
  • Raasepori is a place with gorgeous contrast: quiet countryside, fields, clean lakes and seashores – but also historical architecture, artist communities, local quality food and top restaurants.
  • Home buyer's dream: one hour from Helsinki downtown, in a beautiful little village, with prices that are still affordable.

Tammisaari, Bromarv, Fiskars, Pohja, Tenhola, Snappertuna, Karjaa, Mustio, Billnäs – which one will you fall in love the most?


Best local

Billnäs fair: meet everyone

  • At this Home&Found fair, local businesses, artists, designers and services introduce themselves and their offerings, in a beautiful rustic environment.
  • You will meet local experts in fields such as renovation and interior architecture, showing their craft. You can make vintage finds. This is also the place to find information on Raasepori's municipal services.
  • Worth a visit just for the location itself.

The Billnäs fair is open:⁠ Sat 11.6. 10-17⁠ // Sun 12.6. 10-16⁠! Design your festival route to go via Billnäs!

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